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Shanghai Rong Yan Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed the Kam certification limited liability company certified its quality management system conforms to the following international quality system standards: ISO9001: 2008 (GB / T9001-2008)

Fully qualified
Shanghai Rong Yan Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. is China's professional logistics equipment manufacturers. Have a business license, trademark registration qualification, AAA contract and trustworthy enterprise certificate, corporate credit rating certificate, the EIA certificate and production license certificate and other evidence.

professional design, user-friendly
Shanghai Rong Yan Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional logistics warehouse design, to provide customers with complete logistics planning, design and other services to the interests of customers multifaceted perspective of analysis and design, tailored logistics equipment comprehensive solution.

Professional packaging and transport security
Steel Strip packaging, plastic film wrapped around outside for rainproof. Take necessary protective measurements of moisture-proof, sun-proof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration and others . Thus protecting the goods from repeated handling, unpacking and long-distance transportation,  overseas container transportation.It is safe and reliable!